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The History of Rotary


Rotary International

Rotary International is a world-wide association of local clubs for people who care about the community locally, nationally and internationally.

The first Rotary meeting was called by Paul Harris in Chicago in 1905 with three friends and by the end of the year the Rotary Club of Chicago had 30 members. It became international in 1910 with the forming of the Rotary Club of Winnipeg and the first club outside North America was formed in Dublin the following year. By 1921, the organisation was represented on every continent.

Rotary International now constitutes approximately 1.2 million members in over 30,000 Clubs across more than 200 countries and geographical areas worldwide. Its members are welcomed at any of these clubs regardless of background, nationality, age or similar criteria.

The basis of all thriving Rotary Clubs is friendship, and all visiting Rotarians and guests can be assured of a friendly, hospitable welcome when visiting our club.